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1. The Under Dog (Intro)
2. Death Wish
3. Sun Rise
4. So Dumb
5. I Know
6. Kick It
7. Road Trip
8. Neck Crack
9. Get High
10. Open With Prayer
11. Mind Refill (I'm Gone)
12. Goin' Down
13. Movin' On Em'

released March 10, 2015

Lyrics, Album Art, Executive Production: Dagda
Features: SwizZz, Guilty Simpson, Lil' Nasty, Astray, Aaron Taylor, DJ Young Mase, DJ A.M.F.
Production: Hopsin, Peace Of Mind, Aztek The Barfly, FoulMouth, Chanes, Jimbo Slice, Jordan Musso, Swizzle
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Tony Rizzo at Sound Smith Studio, Ecorse MI